The student advising process at the University of Khorfakkan is three-fold, as shown in the figure below.

Academic Advising

The Academic Advising programs are responsible for providing academic support and services that promote student learning. Every student at UoK is assigned an academic advisor, and students are required to meet with that individual every semester. Advisors assist students in developing career goals, registering for courses, understanding university policies, and connecting to campus resources. The University provides advising and guidance for all freshmen as part of the student orientation program. This introduces students to important information about the University of Khorfakkan, student advising, registration and academic probation, curricula, academic support services, extracurricular activities, time management, and study skills. For more information on academic advising, kindly refer to the University of Khorfakkan Academic Advising website.

Student Counseling

This service aims at developing students' balanced personalities at the psychological, social, emotional, and mental levels. In doing so, the Department abides by the values of confidentiality, integrity, and privacy. The Department is keen on developing its counseling, training, remedial and diagnostic programs in light of the international philosophy that believes the student is the focus of the educational process. Students' academic achievement depends on their possession of life skills and psychological state.
To accomplish its mission, the Department aims to accomplish the following goals:

  • Enabling students to become more dependent on themselves in solving their problems efficiently and helping them develop their skills.
  • Offering counseling services and holding workshops and training seminars at the level of individuals and groups through¬out the period of study at the University.
  • Following up on the affairs of the students with low levels of achievement to identify the causes and offer programs to raise the students' motivation to learn and improve their achievement and overcome the problems they may encounter.
  • Supporting special needs stu¬dents throughout their university study.

  • Career Advising

    In accordance with Students Affairs missions, which put the student in the focus of importance, through all processes of educating, teaching, training, qualifying, and building up their skills and attitudes to be an active member of society, a career plays a vital role by leading and overseeing the professional build-up process of the student, which, no doubt, represents the integrative result of all preceding processes done by different university entities and colleges.

    Health Care

    The University provides medical clinics for male and female students on a 24-hour basis, plus ambulance services for emergency help whenever needed. all University students were required to have health insurance in any one of the following three schemes:

  • Health card issued by the Ministry of Health. In addition, students shall pay University fees to use University medical services in emer¬gency cases and for primary routine treatment.
  • Health card issued by a private insurance company. In addition, students shall pay University fees to use University medical services in emergency cases and for basic routine treatment.
  • The University shall contract a health insurance company with com¬petitive costs for interested students. In this case, students could benefit from University clinic services alongside those of the insurance company without paying extra fees.

  • Safety and Security

    Safety-first concept plays an essential role in creating and maintaining a safe environment. The University of Khorfakkan considers all university community members as partners in providing a safe and secure campus to pursue students' personal or professional goals. All students of the UoK are encouraged to be active in maintaining a safe and secure community. Any safety concerns should be reported to the Campus Police or Dorm Supervisors. A safe and secure living community for residents is essential. Students are strongly urged to carry their keys at all times and keep the door locked when not in the room. Any action on the part of a resident that threatens the safety and security of another resident or their property will result in disciplinary measures. Potentially dangerous activities might include, but are not limited to, providing or allowing entry to non-residents or unauthorized individuals, propping locked doors, loaning keys, accessing student rooms other than one's own without permission, and/or taking another's property.


    In conjunction with the city of Khorfakkan, the University provides free transportation in air-conditioned shuttle buses to all students from different points in Khorfakkan to the University Campus. Buses are scheduled from 7 a.m. until 11 a.m. and take students to the University from designated locations in the town of Khorfakkan. From 2:00 p.m. till 6:00 p.m., buses shuttle students from the University back to designated points in the city. The transportation to and from the University is secure and reliable, and students who do not own cars need not worry about how to get to the University.
    The University of Khorfakkan Student Council represents all male or female students, or both, and is based on campus. Each student enrolled at the University to obtain an academic degree, or certificate shall be considered an active member of the Council.
    The Student Council aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Familiarizing new students with the University of Khorfakkan campus and its services.
  • Liaising to communicate between students and the University Administration to serve students better, present their issues, and represent their point of view before the University Administration.
  • Promoting partnership, collective efforts, and cooperation between students, the Administration, and faculty and staff working at the University.
  • Representing students at student assemblies held at educational establishments at the state level.
  • Undertaking activities to develop national awareness among students, strengthening the spirit of belonging to the nation, and carrying the responsibility to the country.
  • Providing opportunities to develop an awareness of ethical and moral values.
  • Organizing activities to promote students' intellectual, social, sports and artistic interests on campus.
  • Providing opportunities for students to discover and develop their talents, abilities, skills, and creativity.

  • The Council shall oversee implementing the following tasks:
  • Preparing a work plan for student programs and activities and discussing it before seeking approval from the Director of Student affairs
  • Implementing the policies and decisions of the Council and taking the necessary action to organize events and activities to realize such aims and follow up on them.
  • Preparing the Council's budget and presenting it to the Directorate for processing so that the Director may forward it to the Chancellor for approval.
  • Reviewing student issues and working to solve them in coordination with the Director and University Administration.
  • Presenting the Financial and Administrative Report of the Council's activities to the Director.
  • Reviewing the proposals and suggestions of Council members and any Council sub-committees.
  • Discussing the Council's budget as prepared by the Treasurer.
  • Discussing the Annual Financial Report as prepared by the Treasurer, and the Annual Reports prepared by committee secretaries and agreed upon by the Council, and presenting these to the Director to forward to the Chancellor for approval.

  • The Student Council shall be composed of fifteen (15) members from among students and approved by the Committee commissioned to form the University of Khorfakkan Student Council as follows:
  • Five (5) students at the university level are elected by the General Assembly.
  • Ten (10) students were appointed by the Committee.
  • Each college at the University shall be represented on the Council to reach the number of students as stated in this Article; the selection of more than one student from the same college may occur, taking into consideration the college's size, but may not exceed more than two students from the same college.

  • Terms and Conditions for Selecting Members of the Council:
  • Students shall have been enrolled in the University for at least two semesters.
  • Students shall have completed the minimum number of credit hours for two semesters as stated in the University By-Laws.
  • Students must be at least 18 years old according to the Gregorian calendar.
  • Students shall demonstrate good conduct and reputation.
  • Students shall have at least two semesters remaining before graduation, following the semester in which the elections occur and exclusive of the summer session.
  • A student's GPA shall not be lower than 2.00.
  • Students shall have been active and distinguished participants in the various student activities organized by the University and have the ability to manage and develop activities at the University.
  • Students shall not have any disciplinary action registered against them nor violate the University By-Laws and regulations.
  • Students shall not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor related to honesty and/or integrity unless such has been revoked.

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